Tuesday, March 24

The Woman, The Shoes & The Dress

One of the most frequent topics of conversations around the dance floor amongst female friend dancers is about Tango Shoes and/or dresses.

The topic is dominant to the extent that it may make some think the shoes feature themselves more obsessively in the thoughts of those friends dancing than the music or the dance itself.

Of course the quality and the elegance of the shoes worn by any dancer does have a direct correlation on how it makes the dancer feel. The Comfort and the confidence that arise from good shoes can be seen as undeniable need in a long evening of dancing however I believe this goes a little deeper.

The shoes are also seen to be representative of a dancer status in the community of dancers. The height of the heels, the intricacies of the design, the colour and type of material used they all lead to the views taken on how good the dancer must be in order to wear them.

Naturally the reverse is also true that if an inexperienced dancer wears a very noticeably "classy" pair of tango shoes then that dancer is allowing for many harsh comments and criticising looks and comments being received.

The magic combination of an elegant dress and some fancy pair of shoes attracts everyone's attention. Some have a lovely figure to match the deep pocket that the above attire may need while some don't know any better and end up looking similar to some wonderful decoration placed on a wedding cake that may be good to look at from distance but inedible and tasteless in closer examination.

I like to think that what attracts most good dancers to each other is the promise and joy expected from a moving embrace. The shoes and the dress are hardly noticed in a magical tango embrace. Still, if the shoes and the dress make you feel good, and you believe that it may make me feel good too then please do not hesitate.

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