Saturday, January 31

Love stories

Love has so many stories, just tell of one that you know,
the one about me - all you need to do is "wait a turn!",
then tell all that is: "Transparent"; with all that you could see.

In the field of dreams, don't ask or admit you know me!

-tell me you never have,

"without you I might be the loneliest" - but tell me you never have,
tell me that my eyes were needing you,
tell me that you are my desire,
tell me that the air is cold - but tell me breathing that air is all we need.

who dared say or wished it "You now need to walk this alone!"?

I can not tell you why or how there is no longer a verb of "love",
"when did it die?"
I still sing its songs - love songs.
- how would I know "what became of love?

It is in people's sad eyes that I read;
- They keep telling me: " 'Love' has passed away!"
- The exact time and the cause of death?
- The cause: I do not know; the time: maybe it was late in the evening - yesterday .

Today, Don't tell me not to sing love songs; not any more!
I wish it were sunny; or that we could talk "some love",
- Sit down!
- Be happy!
- Life is short,
- 'Love' might be dead - but let's pretend;

let's imagine: it being sunny; and that the river is calm;

let's pretend that the boat is sailing;
let us sing: "there is still some love waiting to be found!"

Again, in the night - when there is no lover's tears touching any lover's heart;
I can sing another song:
- " I would kiss those tears if only I could convert"
- " If I could become an honest one - a believer!"

I wish I could feel fear - at least resent all that was said;
but it is
"now" - too late ;

"Isn't it easier if we could all just pretend?!"
... that is what my lover would say.

The only cat who loves you back!