Wednesday, April 23

So Little To Say

I believe "the book" is always better than "the film", only because the reader is often the best director a story can get.

Perhaps that is why I enjoy the voyeurism that one experiences when reading other people's blogs. Some bloggers can write and describe a normal routine event in visiting their local milongas with such care and affection, and in such wonderful details that it becomes contagious. A compulsion is created for their readers. The compulsion is to want to visit some milonga somewhere before the end of that evening and wanting to experience what was read.

When I have so little to say or share I look even harder to read others when they have so much to.

The only cat who loves you back!

Wednesday, April 9

Simple: Overtaking - Don't!

No overtaking on the RIGHT HAND SIDE!

Most leaders can not see or guess who is going to overtake them to their right simply because it is a natural blind spot. This becomes a much more serious issue for many of us who dance close-embrace.

This common-sense and simple rule of "NO OVERTAKING ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE" frees us from wishing we had the use of either "X-Ray vision" or "Reading (those very silly) Minds" .

The only cat who loves you back!

Friday, April 4

Hands On!

Staring is rude, gazing is OK, watching is certainly encouraged. "Bizarre" ... but it is not really. Think about it, well at least later, if you want to, and "No!" you don't have to!

- Just stay there and watch!... and watch a little longer! ...and then do some more! whatever you do, just make sure you don't is said to be rude.


Earlier she said to me she liked my hands. I found that a little confusing. I feel there is nothing special about my hands. When I told her this she did not try to explain what I should look for in order to distinguish them somehow for either being different from the others or for being liked by her.

I felt embarrassed hearing her say that, mostly because I have not really learned to take on compliments easily, maybe this is a cultural thing I have inherited from my father's attitude.

I looked at my hands today and tried to see them through her eyes, I studied them and I could not see why she might like them. They are just normal hands, and like any other.

Today, I have also been watching other people's hands. At first, everyone's hands looked like any other. During the day, whenever hands were extended for a hand-shake or selling me tickets or handing me back some change or generally when they were used for whatever purpose in front of me I studied them. It was important. I needed to know and learn of the possible differences.

I admit some were small, and some were large but many were just proportionally like the rest of all other hands we might have a chance to see everywhere.

I don't know how or why I began to notice not the hands but the nails on those hands instead.

It is incredible how much nails can tell us about a person if we study them carefully. Nails can easily be watched, people do not seem to usually mind any strangers looking at them.

I told her about this much later this evening and before I had finished telling her all I had learned I noticed that she had hidden her hands from me. She could not agree to let me see her nails before she could get a chance to do them she said to me.


Next time I dance I will watch those hands that take mine and see if I like them differently from another, maybe if I try I might also learn why!

The only cat who loves you back!