Sunday, August 19

Insane Tenderness

Maybe it adds a little more pleasure to your listening of this song next time when you "live" it.

Balada para un loco...
Press Play & Enjoy!

The afternoons in Buenos Aires have this... well,
you know.
You leave your house down Arenales Avenue.
The usual : on the street and in you...
Then suddenly, from behind a tree,
I show up.

Rare mix of the next to last tramp
and the first stowaway on a
trip to Venus:
a half melon on the head,
a striped shirt painted on the skin,
two leather soles nailed to the fet,
and a taxi-for-hire flag up
in each hand.

You laugh! But only you can see me:
because the mannequins wink at me,
the traffic lights flash me three lights
sky-blue and the oranges at the corner grocery stand
cast their blossoms at me.
Come on!, that this way, half dancing, half flying,
I remove the melon to greet you.
I give you a little flag and I tell


l know I'm crazy, crazy, crazy...
don't you see the moon
rolling through Callao;
a second line of astronauts and
children waltzing around me...
Dance! Come! Fly!

I know I'm crazy,
I'm crazy, I'm crazy...
I see Buenos Aires from a sparrow's nest;
and I saw you so sad...
Come! Fly! Feel!...
the crazy desire I have for you:

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
As darkness sets in your porteña loneliness,
by the shores of your bedsheets I'll come
with a poem and a trombone
to keep your heart sleepless.

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
Like a demented acrobat I'll dive,
into the abyss of your cleavage 'till I feel

I drove your heart crazy with freedom.
You'll see!

Love me this way I am, crazy, crazy, crazy...
climb up into my insane tenderness,
don a wig of larks on your head and fly!
Fly with me now! Come! Fly! Come!

Love me the way I am, crazy, crazy, crazy...
open up your love, we are going to attempt
the crazy magic of reviving...
Come , fly , come! Trai-lai-lai-larara!


Let's go flying, my dear.
get on my super sport illusion,
let's run over the cornices
with a swallow in the engine.

From Vieytes they applaud: "Hooray! Hooray!",
the nuts who invented
Love, and an angel, a soldier and a girl
give us a dancing waltz.

The beautiful people come out to say hello.
And crazy, but yours, I don't know!;
I cause a stridency of bells with my laugh,
and finally, I look at you, and sing softly


Love me this way I am, crazy, crazy, crazy...
climb up into my insane tenderness,
don a wig of larks on your head and fly!
Fly with me now! Come! Fly! Come!

Love me the way I am, crazy, crazy,
open up your love, we are going to attempt
the crazy magic of reviving...
Come , fly , come!


Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
She's crazy and I'm crazy...
Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
She's crazy and so am I.
(Original Translation by: Alberto Paz)

Enjoy all the mad turns that life will offer!

I love the dizziness with which mine steps through every note in its waltz. There is comfort, as well as joy, in the "insane tenderness" that brings people together and also sets us apart.

How we choose to part is not to be a question, it takes time to appreciate it all, I wish you it all that there is in the crazy turns of this wonderful waltz of life.

The Only Cat Who Loves You Back!

Tuesday, August 7

Three o'clock

"Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do."
Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea (1938) "Vendredi"
French author & existentialist philosopher (1905 - 1980)
Surely dancing Tango needs to be an exception here, did he ever try?

The Only Cat Who Loves You Back!

Thursday, August 2

Bitter-Sweet Fruit of Love

It was on the edge of the forest when they met.

She said "Oh my Goodness! Sit down for a while! Have you been to 'Hell' and back!?"
- "Yes! It has been a long time, I don't know how far I have been or come, 'here' I am." he said.

She asked "Who are you? Where do you come from?"
- "I am 'The Stranger' who comes from a city named 'Friendly'" he said.

He could not now help himself but had to ask "and...who are you ? What is your name? "
- "I am named after the bitter-sweet fruit of Love. 'Torangina' is what I have been called" she said.

She then asked "What are you seeking this far?"
- "Hoping to find and fill a void: 'A pair of eyes', I had once seen them, it was in a dream, They looked into mine and reflected my inner soul, 'mesmerised & lost' : that is what I have become and remained ever-since." he said.

She said "Aha! this may interest you, now let me see, yes I remember it well, there was another, someone who went this way, looking for a man who had blinded her. She talked of losing her eyes in a Man's dream! Her worry was that she had no eyes to see him with. How could she recognise this man with her lack of sight?".

The angel - the one who had fallen to earth - then went quiet. They stayed silent. She got up and said "I must be off now" and pretended to take off, away from him, a flightless jump without her wings it was impossible. He was left alone and the angel tried her take offs so many times, in vain she hobbled.

Soon he stood up too and wandered off, into another journey, not knowing how much further there is yet to go for him. He had to find her before he died, he needed to fill the void where his soul used to live.

Seeking each other, a man, a woman, forever. Neither of whom knew of the other, nothing more than what they had told someone called 'Torangina': the angel who had fallen.


Wednesday, August 1

No lectures!

If a teacher does not share his/her embrace with you in order to:
  • Teach you how a sequence works;
  • Correct your mistakes on a technique;
  • Polish the move that you are struggling with,
then "Don't hesitate, just leave that class!" Don't waste your time and money any further there, try another teacher who respects you enough to share.

One more important thing to do is to "spread the word!" about any unfair, lazy and even disrespectful behaviour which you may have experienced by some teacher(s).

By bringing any such matters into the open we will let all the community know and help it to stop any unnecessary suffering. "Tango Business" is like any other business, there are good participants and there are not so very good ones.

Seek and engage in lessons with the teachers who do-the-dance WITH you and NOT just talk-the-dance AT you !

Dancing requires a different kind of teacher than that of "philosophy". In order to teach "emotions in motions" the teachers need to communicate part of themselves through dancing it with you and not lecturing it at you.

The Only Cat Who Loves You Back!