Monday, September 8

New Tango Season!

It has been a long while. No specific reason for this absence other than being overwhelmed by the mundane. A bad excuse but that is the only one there is.

I feel a little older and not a great deal different, and that is the way I love life to be.

There had been times that I had been wanting to sit here and write you all that had fascinated me or made me burst out with loud laughter but somehow the barrier was not lifted. It was until the other day when a friend said "Just write what you like and you can always stop again if you wish or feel you have no need to write!".

I know that I am not aggressively competitive by nature, and perhaps that is why I find it difficult sometimes to set myself targets. I know there is a very fine line between feeling content and ending in a state of procrastination. How can we tell them apart when the same feeling can be seen as one or the other by different individuals? I am not sure if I have the answer, let me know if you do.

"Work hard and Play hard" that has been a life style that I have lived almost all my adult life by. That is why if and when I get a little free time to myself, I get frustrated. I simply do not know what to do with that bit of "Extra Time" so I end up feeling guilty. "Strange?", maybe, But I do know that I am not alone in feeling this way.

"Play, and playgrounds", Yes! Let's talk about these, i.e.: Milongas, a few new ones have sprouted up in London. While One or two (if not more) have also changed their places and ended up in new homes. More on these some other time.

Summers are usually "Down Times" in London tango scene. Many people go on vacations, having fun in some warm places where skins are kissed by sunshine almost everyday and all day. This is the preferred choice. Somewhere where cold drinks are more tasty and plenty, and Life is hot, somewhere where Mundane can be put on pause and when silly and being casual wins over all else there is. A little madness, this is the best rest.

London kick-starts its new Tango season by joining and taking part in "The Thames Festival". The Mayor Of London's Office organises this end of summer big festival and "The River Tango" is one of tens of location where live music and dancing are on offer along the Thames River Embankments and its bridges. All public events are totally free and I won't mention our high London taxes that are paying for this event. So do come along!

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