Thursday, September 20

Some dance

Some dance to remember,
Some dance to forget.

Some are relentless and near perfect,
Some are hopeless!
Some are careless and pitifully tactless,
Some are heartless,
Some are angelic and selfless.

Some are "dandy and fine",
Some are randy, desperate, badly in need of being refined,
Some are gorgeous, - and some are not!

Some are handsome beautiful dancers;
dancing with passion - heavenly, divine.

Some are 'living-romantics'
but dancing like they are monks.

Some are weary of affections;
panic stricken, fearful, anxious and frantic,
Some stay and fight,
Some always run and hide.

Some are tired with life,
Some say "they are unlucky, in love & life",

Some become dancers not to feel bored,
Some never are – themselves being "the real tiresome bores".

Some are still waiting,
Wishing a fairy tale encounter
Is there another they wonder
- wanting fever, longing , heart stopping moments,
caresses, kisses, lust;
and maybe talks of love,
mixed in, with tingling caring whispers!?

"Isn't that why some dance,
'a brief romance'
- packaged into a Tango dance.?"

" orgasmic embrace,
squeezing the juice of passion;
In arms of some stranger,
- no one ever needs to know,
- no need to meet after or ever again,
or to acknowledge that they had or ever been"

With an exchange of thanks,
ending a blissful dance;
- private, intimate moments,
- not feeling guilty,
- being fine with one's being: totally selfish!

To Remember or To Forget;
I dance for neither.
I dance to toast and taste my Life,
Capturing a few more exhilarating moments
– pausing Life, drink its juice -
enjoy its gift, feeling alive - for just a little longer.

Some dance to remember,
Some dance to forget,
Let's drink a toast, and wish ourselves some more!


Thursday, September 13

Thames & Tango

The start is here again. With autumn and the weather getting cooler, students returning to universities, summer holidays are soon to be just memories and pictures, the evenings will begin to extend and sunsets rapidly getting earlier than the immediate days before. These are the times that Tango evenings become more feverish and crowded .

In our milongas we shall see many more faces, some are old friends who come back - we have missed you in your absence -, and there are also many who are new to the joys of dancing tango, with their bright smiles and sometimes shy and uncertain look in their eyes hoping to master the challenges they see as steps and moves, they make themselves instantly known or just try to hide in the corners a little longer. Let us all give them a warm welcome to both our old friends and the new.

This weekend on the 15th and 16th September 2007, London is having its annual Thames Festival. This year, for the second year running, Tango will play some major part in celebrating this river and its history.

Right outside The New Tate Modern, one of the most wonderful galleries of art, there will be hopefully hundreds of people who'd embrace each other warmly and dance tango all day long both on Saturday and Sunday.

This two days event is accompanied by many other social attractions and fun celebrations along the river.

For the Tango dance lovers, I believe the Thames Festival and The River Tango program make a unique and very popular way with which to herald the commencement of our new season of tango here in London.

We all have our fingers crossed for autumn sunny days this weekend. The weather forecast is good. Even if you live a little far out, it is worth the trip into London. Travel here and stay the weekend, you will regret it if you don't, turn up, dance and enjoy and let us celebrate the Thames and the start of the tango season in style!

Hope to see you all!
The Only Cat Who Loves You Back!

Saturday, September 1


On the way home, sun is rising, once more it is hard to believe how time flew by, it is another beautiful dawn, I wonder how many other dancers promised to meet by the stars for another night.

These nights, there was no need for a stage, and we did not want to be seen or hide but there were many who had noticed us sharing our box of chocolates every time we met. Within our embrace and through our steps, it is difficult to hide the panic as insane tenderness sets in, stronger roots on every turn, it becomes overwhelming and the whole never stops.

I'll miss us dancing till break of dawns - I know - soon it is time to say good-bye between us, and our sky could not be shared. When you are gone I'll send you a postcard telling you what it is like when you have never left my mind.

The Only Cat Who Loves You Back!