Wednesday, January 30

Oddity, Zero chance to Tango!

When standing on a fault-line of time, how certain could one be not to be touched through and within by the vibes and the vibrations through one's body and mind, at millions of miles per hour, nearing the speed of light? Can one hear one's own screams in one's mind?

How spectacular! Those moments could be as deadly as they would be when one's reality is shaken into only rays and beams!

Keep in mind that the rest of the universe is unaffected. That space-time oddity, that is all that it is seen to be, is normal since normality is only a perspective which is held to be true only by its observer. It is a play, by a peculiar child of many universal-functions named "gravity"; a leap into the quantum of multi-dimensions: a playground of the universe.

BUT....! No but(s) and no If(s), it has to happen, and as and when it does:

For the one who stood standing at the fault-line, there - as it happened -, none of these are to be grasped. In that point of oddity , the only thing one may look for is not a thread to an unknown future or to a more familiar past, but only to wanting, a scratch to grasp a very few more fractions of that most slippery of all life's gifts: "the present!"

In the midst of all these questions and thoughts I fear some unexpected reply saying:" I suggest that only "Ziggy Stardust and his cat from Japan" might know all the answer to those and even some more", or another screaming back saying "but you seem to forget that Ziggy's ego is as always too busy making love with himself, he'd be too busy to fly back"

If there was to be a footnote here, it would have read :
David Bowie, his songs still can make many smile. It is tempting to believe in the lyrics of "Space Oddity", it is also a bit sad to recognise the fate of Major Tom. It is even more sad to think that he had a zero chance to Tango, specially on the bright side of any moons.

The only cat who loves you back!

Thursday, January 17

Why Write?

"We write to heighten our awareness of life…we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in introspection…we write to be able to transcend our life, to reach beyond it… to teach ourselves to speak with others, to record the journey into the labyrinth…to expand our world when feeling strangled, constricted, lonely… When I don't write I feel my world shrinking. I feel I lose my fire, my color."
Anais Nin.

Monday, January 14


This "tag-ing" business seems to have taken the blog world by storm and thanks to two friends La Tanguera and m i l e s I was also tagged. I honor their requests.

The rules are:
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Link to the person(s) who tagged you: La Tanguera and m i l e s
3. Share seven random and/or weird things about yourself.
4. Tag seven people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok let me begin:

1. I am a book worm.
I usually read a number of different books in parallel. Even when I can not physically sit down to read books then I resort to listening to Audio-Books instead. There are always one or two of these on my MP3 player ready to play..

2. I live to tell the tale!
About 5 years ago, in a period of 19 days I faced certain possibilities of my life ending shorter than it has been till now on 3 different occasions and ways!

During this said time, within a few days from each other, I was in a severe car accident pile up, a metal stair case collapsed from under my feet and I fell to the ground-floor from 2 floors up, and the last one was when (however-many) 10's of heavy weightlifting disks stacked up on their metal pyramid stand in my regular gym, just came off tumbling & falling on and around my head & body while I was doing some stretching exercises on the floor-mat next to them! There were no satisfactory reasons that could easily explain away why any of these happened to me since I had no part to play in any of them.

I survived all these three with very minor injuries although at the end of that month my close friends and family members were more of a total nervous wreck than I was.

Since then my outlook on life has changed. Knowing that I was "Lucky!", and am still here despite of all that, helps me smile at all those issues which seem to easily wind many people up.

3. My principles for "Taste"
I am against learning to like anything that is said to need "An Acquired Taste!"
This applies to food, music, art, etc. I believe if some things are not appealing by their very nature then it is only pretentious and shallow if one tries to acquire a change in one's own taste in order to accommodate a liking for them.

4. I am hot!
My body temperature can rise rapidly by about one to two degrees centigrade on demand.
I can achieve this If I drink a glass of wine and immediately follow that by a small bar of chocolate. This also works with chocolate being eaten first, but drinking the wine too quickly afterwards is not just as much fun!

5. I am a tourist.
I take a day off in midweek twice or sometimes more when I can do it, every month. I spend all of that day in the art galleries and museums that I love and adore.
This way I get a lot more of my workload done in anticipation of, and on my return from, my 1 day breaks. I love losing myself being a happy tourist in town.

6. I live with my chemistry.
I am very sensitive to people's personal body scent.
What might seem not very noticeable to most other people's sense of smell, can easily bother me to the extent that it could determine if I am able to socialise and/or work with some individuals.

In tango this can mean either a heavenly or hellish experience depending on whom I embrace!

7. I like the strangers in Tango
...Yes, finally this one is just for Tango. At any large milongas there are always some visiting dancers and I try to find one such complete stranger. I prefer not to have already seen them dancing on the floor.

I have found myself dancing very enjoyable tandas with some wonderfully nice people, some of whom have become very good friends because of this.

That was that!
Now I am supposed to tag seven other bloggers but having been madly busy lately means that most my intended targets are possibly already tagged regardless of how I choose them here from my favourite listed bloggers.

Tango in Her Eyes! , Heartbreak Tango , La Planchadora , Fishnet & Fedoras , TangoBaby , La Vida Con Deby , My Tango Year.

The only cat who loves you back!

Thursday, January 10

2008, Best of Luck!

It is Time! Another page is turned. One more chapter is played out. Who knows where this story, any of our stories will be taking us to next, personally I can only say that I am thrilled that our stories continue. I am also feeling certain that we will remain fascinated and overwhelmed by disbelief at many things that we will meet at every turn till 2008 is over too.

In looking back, there are some regrets which remain, these found to have no resolution even by the end of all chapters that were played out when the year ended, similarly there are many of our wishes that were not fulfilled, despite best of efforts that we applied.

In places Time was short. In others, we can talk of "luck". Luck is the best excuse that I know of which we can shamelessly use. Myself, whenever I stopped wanting to pursue that which I had assumed to be not worth while following, I have often engaged the blame on "luck". With the excuse of "luck" it is easier to face partings of friendships, lovers, and even business deals. Saying good-byes to any chosen paths, by disassociating oneself from any initial intentions; and by blaming luck; one does not need to explain the change of hearts or mind.

I have always seen that there is some crazy feeling for wanting "intimacy of feelings" around this time of the year. Not many are immune of this and that is how it happened to me. Last year around this time I fell into the roller coaster run of finding myself feeling attracted to someone I had just known. The thoughts of falling-in-love, being brave and tempting faith and taking massive steps instead of "baby-steps", walking speedily towards that vulnerable state of offering the most precious of all feelings: longing and love for another person, it felt crazy, and and it felt good and control was given to events rather than sense.

In the sobriety that followed those times when the sense and sensibilities were gone, some more was added to all I had read and learned or seen and known. For some our own common contexts do not apply. There are other versions, bargained for a few screaming days at some sunny and sandy beaches, away from winter days of "Good Ol' London". Perhaps "luck" played its part as best as it could have, and for that I am now - in my sobriety of senses - grateful and consequently have no regrets on what was and what remains.

This year I promised that I'll be careful, and decided not to play dice with life- I think the lesson was well learnt and was not to be retried.

She said "Is this it?...the last tango?... the end of 2007... and then no more ...? ", her smiles were warm but her anxiety innocently showed through. I just felt excited, ending the year on a high note, happy that no pandora box I had left opened to deal with later as the year was about to end.

I could see only a total dissimilar reflection of all that I was feeling inside, in her anxiety for the incoming unknown, perhaps it was just just my imagination and nothing more. I told her that I felt thrilled because of looking forward to all that is yet to happen and all that I am glad to call 'unknown'. She smiled and looked at me with an appreciation of why I had just said.

With the last song of 2007 we embraced even more intent. She made me feel she enjoyed the safety of being together in those moments. We were strangers but it felt like holding on to an old friend for whom there was endless care, dancing together, the very last song ended.

The DJ ended the music in very good time and we counted the last 12 seconds of the year aloud, holding one another in the friendliest of caring embraces. With the first few seconds into the 2008 our laughter and screams of joy joined the noise and excitement shown by everyone else, and together we stole away all the fears and anxieties that there could have been seconds before in her.

We toasted the new year and kissed, and hugged. We had embraced soon again and began dancing, with our own and everyone else's smiles we became part of the general tapestry of joy. Celebrating with dancing a new song for and with the new year that had just begun.

In 2007, I continued to learn more about people and tango. More about what I had already known some , the egos with their individualistic complexes - common to those who live to compete in tango since there is not much else to define themselves with. I also continued with learning of how "Dancing Tango" changes most of us - often for the better, by helping us to get in touch with our most basic of feelings.

Most touchingly I have enjoyed learning from those who share their feelings and experiences in such pages, the bloggers, specially those who write intimately about themselves, particularly those whose writing is about their lives-in-tango and about tango-in-their lives.

I have learned and appreciate that there are many who are much better and more brave at this blogging than I could ever be. Still, they inspire me both in writing and while dancing, and that is a present for which I thank them.

I wish them and everyone of you who reads these postings "The Best of Luck!" - for all the new chapters of life-stories in this new year. In 2008, there is much more to come our way.

The only cat who loves you back!