Friday, March 27

Who Loves To See You!

It was last year, the place was The Corrientes and the time was one o’clock am exactly. The music suddenly stopped in the middle of the tanda. The organiser “Giraldo” put his head over the balcony above the dance floor and said “Sorry, times go forward, it is 2 o’clock and this is the last tango!” Well it was not, he was wrong but….!

Please note that the British Summer Time does changes at 2 am and NOT 1 am. That lack of attention is beside the point here because if it mattered to them then they would have found out such simple details.

As simple as that! The lights came on, music stopped and they started hurriedly gathering the glasses off the tables. Everybody was annoyed with the way it was done. No prior warning, signs, explanations or anything that indicated prior to 1 o'clock what was planned. In fact up to 12:25 people were still paying at the door and coming in. These included a few of my own friends who joined us thinking we’ll be dancing together till almost 2 am.

Tango dancers as a rule are very polite customers but some organisers see us: the customers, as an encumbrance and a burden!

It reminds me of the old ways some English Pubs and bars used to operate when they had to stop serving at 10:30. One could buy a drink or more at 10:25 but the pub owners wanted the customers OUT as immediately as possible past the 10:30!

The Corrientes has tried to improve and tidy up its act however it is still a far cry from its glory days many years ago. It became very careless with how it received everyone till there was a point in time about 4 years ago when it reached the bottom. I suppose once one gets there then the only way is up.

I hear also that the rude old woman collecting the money at door is no longer there. Many had expressed their opinions on how they found her most annoying and irritating with her personal remarks. I don’t think she had any idea how just incredibly rude she was to the paying customers. Thumbs up on not having a mad person at the door and it seems that the penny had finally dropped.

I must add that I have had some wonderful evenings over many years at the Corrientes. I attribute them mostly to the good company of friends and dancers whom I have been lucky to share my evening with.

Personally I only vote with my feet. Those who are glad to receive our custom should know that it matters if the place is clean, the hosts are polite and look as if they are glad to see us there.

I am not sure what The Corrientes is doing this time around as the clocks change again for the British summer time. I do however know that people did not get an extra hour when it was British Winter time change!

Regardless of these I shall be enjoying myself at the Crypt with The El Once Club de Tango this week. I know there is a warm welcome awaiting many with the lovely hosts Paul & Michiko from El Once Club whose care and concern for their guests has always been exemplary any evening of the year. Maybe other organisers should pop in from time to time to observe how good hosting is done!

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