Thursday, October 11

Gavito: Charm & Passion

Q: And who have you learned the most from?
Gavito: Too many. You learn from many people ... on the street...the simple people...Sometimes so simple, you have envy and want to be yourself more simple and more honest. In the not be the one that moves more and does more steps but to be the one that gives more.

Carlos Gavito and his amigos

He will continue to live in our "dancing souls" and not just in our hearts' memories of him. This is just as he wisely wished it.


Wednesday, October 10

Tango Cringe & Acrobatics

First of all I would like to thank all of you readers who got in touch and showed some concerns or at least your kind curiosity as to why lately my postings had dried up.

"No!" I had not imposed a self-censorship on myself. I had not been banned, threatened, or frightened away by any of the organisers of the tango scene in
London or even the far off places in the UK. Someone had even suggested that perhaps I had stopped my love affair with tango because I have been having an affair of personal nature! This was not the case either plus the fact that my true love of tango never dies, and can not be compromised away.

So in short, I can only say that LIFE had managed to get in the way, but I am now back again.

Although I have been away from these pages and not posted but I kept in touch with the bizarre tango market in
London. It is still in full swing.

I would have liked to have written about the show dances. The theatrics demos by the very inexperienced that made us all cringe - feeling sorry for them embarrassing themselves in the most public manner - or other demos with different cringe factors when we have been treated to the other end of the spectrum in the acrobatics antics performed by some very well known tango artists. They made us wonder if their many years of experience should have taught them to know better - evidently not!

Playing acts of the populist street tango belongs to where it suggests they belong to. These acrobatics are not suitable for demonstrations to those people who actually appreciate and love dancing real Argentine Tango.

Since our seasonal milongas' pre-Christmas tango competitions began a bit earlier than usual this year, there was expectation by many of us that some wonderful new and creative programs may follow soon for this year but suddenly - with some similarly questionable appearances we are witnessing strange coalitions being declared . Consequently the season ended without having ever had a chance to get started. It all fizzled out; an old bottle of lemonade gone flat; tasteless and without sparkles. These came about despite whatever their adverts said!

Finally, I am hoping to keep my promise of logging in and posting into this blog more regularly, I have truly missed you too!

The Only Cat Who Loves You Back!