Monday, March 23

A Tango For Peace

An attempt at translating an eastern tango song:
Glasses all empty;
Bottles are drunk and not even a drop is left inside.
There are no matches;
and if there is fire, the problem is: not having any cigarettes left.

The dawn is here but; the sky continues being dark,
maybe the last drink was spiked.

Here, since you left me behind,
my only friend has been the wine.
A picture frame standing on my table filled with blank,
the picture's gone,
It frames now the image of "An Empty".

I know -I loved you for an eternity,
but I can't even recall you by your name.

The glasses are empty and if there were gallons more to be drunk
- somehow I doubt that they would have been enough,
I remember you taking about Love
- even your love seemed greedy to me.

Misfortune does not just arrive when the pay is gone,
Life is somehow a kind of disaster when the best things in it are:
- Lies, Fictions or just Memories fading gradually, helped by wine.

"Well Done!", You have managed to be victorious in this War!
Can you tell me if you know what you wish to do with victory now?
I've surrendered - there are no grounds which I wish to fight you on -
Can you tell me now till when you intend to escape this Peace?

"A Tango song is always a Tango Song regardless of in which language it is sung!"

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