Wednesday, May 13

Crazy Week In London Tango!

London is getting very busy with tango these days.

There are so many planned events that it is getting difficult for many how and what to choose, where to go, and which ones to attend if we could survive this mid May clashes of programs.

The competition between organisers should pay dividend as far as the dancers are concerned. Perhaps everyone would benefit if there was more coordinated approach to organising some of the events but I am very doubtful if this happens!

This week we have major and entertaining evenings and events taking place between 13th to 17th May at the following:

...and these are just the ones with special programs in London for this week that stand out tall from the rest. There are many other of our regular venues running their normal evenings in and around London that the list can go on for some long time if we were to list them all.

We all have our favorites so good luck to all who can or try and make the most of all there is for this week alone!

I do hope that they ease off on the clashes of program planning so we can enjoy even more of some such treats.

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